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CEO Speech

President‘s Statement

        Time records Shuangda’s forward footsteps,and performance affirms Shuangda’s growing footprints.Review the development history of Shuangda,each step gathers our hard sweat and work.It is because of your understanding and trust, care and support that Shuangda can develop steadily

         As the sea flows, the characters of a hero show.Our company steps into a new stage.New development process lifts new hopes and carries new dreams.We will seize the opportunity, adhere to research,development and innovation, maintain the competitive edge of the enterprise, strive to expand the market, operate steadily, be pragmatic and enterprising,provide long-term generous returns for our employees, shareholders,customers and society with more outstanding achievement in the new starting point.Let us work together to create a better future.


                                                                                                                                                                    President:Yonggui Wu