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Shuangda Screen Media


Shuangda Screen Media Products Installed In Sino Iron


         Screen media is a surface with openings or holes used to separate product by size or prevent objects of a larger size from passing through the openings. Shuangda is expertly capable to supply both polyurethane, rubber and Ceramic imbedded PU screen panels to satisfy customer’s most demanding applications in mining, aggregates and other industries.

PU Screen Panel


   Shuangda will customize your PU screen panels based on your application by using high quality PU compound and specialized design to solve the quack wearing, hydrolysis and corrosion problem. The unique physical and chemical properties of PU can extremely reduce customer’s total ownership cost.


Shuangda Rubber Screen Panel


       Shuangda rubber screen panels are made from high performance rubber formulas for demanding and aggressive applications. We design the opening to round, square or slot to resolve your problem or precise screening, increasing open area and etc. The rubber, ranging in hardness from 55A to 70A, has high excellent properties in tear strength, elongation and resilience to give outstanding wearing resistance performance.


        If you have any inquiry about the screen panel, please feel free to contact Shuangda so that we can provide you a professional solution.



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